Update a filter based on picklist


I have a Module 1 with 2 dimensions. List A and List B. I have a line item in the module formatted as numbered List C which the users can select. 


I have a SYS module for List C. I would like to create a boolean in my SYS module that gets checked for any member of the list that a user selects in module 1

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  • ankit_cheeni

    Hi @BahalR 


    Create a boolean line item in Module 1 that is always true. Something like this:


    Fruits is your List C. In the system module for List C (Fruits in my example), create a line item with this formula:



    Let me know if what you need is different





  • Hey @BahalR ,

    I have a solution, can you just confirm that your SYS module for List C is also dimensioned by List A and List B?



  • Hey, Rishabh it is not recommended to have multiple lists in a SYS Module.


  • Hey anurag you should mention SYS module as well, in other modules you can have multiple lists.

    Although my bad, I missed that point.

  • This worked beautifully. Thank you!