Need to breakback the value


Hi, I have a module with 5 products (A,B,C,D,E). all the products have some values with respect to 3 line items (X,Y,Z). Now i wanted to distribute the value of A in to the remaining products(B,C,D,E). with common percentage. 


Any idea how can i do it?


Example here:

                      A         B       C       D         E

Before  X     100      10     10      10       10

After     X        0       35      35    35       35


Similar with Y and Z.

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  • JaredDolich


    Yep, you're close. Just need to mess with the formulas. Here's the blueprint of the example I showed. Notice how I used SELECT to get the desired aggregate value. If you're in the middle of the structured list (not top value) then you should use LOOKUP. Lookup the parent from a system module.




  • @Gpatwa 

    Yep, just use the new "hold and release" functionality. Literally just came out last month. Right mouse click on the cell you want to hold, navigate to "breakback" and select the "hold" Then change the aggregate value and only the unheld values will change.




  • @JaredDolich ,


    Thank you for the response but this hold functionality will only work with Breakback enabled line item. 

    But my line items (X,Y,Z) are not breakback enabled as these are formula based derived values.


    I tried using this function but was not able to use it.


    Any other solution ?

  • @Gpatwa 

    Ah, okay, now I understand. So, in Anaplan you cannot have a line item be both editable and a calculation. One exception is the use of native versions but that won't help you here.

    Two ways to solve this:

    1. One way to solve this is to create another line item that is editable and use import actions to load it from the original line item. This is how scenario planning works. From there use breakback.
    2. The other way is to use Boolean checkboxes. In this case you will let the planner "hold" the intersection of the lists. If it's true then do not consider it in the allocation. Here is an example of that.



  • @JaredDolich ,


    Thank you for the response, Partially understood the solution.

    I have couple of queries in the solution provided.


    Que1: How do we calculate the % of the line item i mentioed.

    Que2: As you can see in the final SMG&A - I need the value of "No product" to be now distributed as per the new % provided into other Products. 


    Hope this helps you get my query.


    Thanks in advance

  • Thankyou @JaredDolich ,


    I am able to play with the formulas now.

    Appreciate the help 😀