Issue When Using List Subset Picklist with a LISS



I've come across a scenario that appears to be a bug when combining Line Item Subsets and List Subsets. 


The scenario is that I have a report module that I created a LISS of. I then created an input module dimensioned by that LISS with a Line Item formatted by a list subset. The list subset is to only allow users to pick from active drivers and not have to see all drivers in the list. The formulas in the report module use the selections in the input module to pull data from calculation modules depending on what driver is selected. When using the full driver list as the format of the input module's line item, the formulas work correctly. When using the subset of active drivers as the format of the input module's line item, the formulas pull data based on a random driver from the entire list, including the inactive drivers. I've developed a workaround where I have users pick from a line item formatted by the list subset, have a second line item with a line item format of the full list reference the list subset line item, and then have the report module's formulas reference the second line item with the full list.