Converting "Month 1" to a date


Hi everyone,


I am currently building a project planning scenario analysis UX and have designs that use the line items "Month 1-18" to decide hours available by team. 


There is a button where we can "create a project" and the "start date" is entered. 


Is there a way to convert from months 1-18 to actual dates using the start date provided, and assuming it changes, it carries the values to the new dates?


Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Camden,


    If you are using Line items that are like this:

    Month 1

    Month 2

    Month 3 etc, then I would either:


    - Have just 1 line item with list items like the above ones, unless each one you enter a date?

    [What I mean is a module dimensioned by the list of items (Month 1-18), where you would enter the starting date.


    - Create line item subset with Month 1-18 names [You need numbered line items for that]


    You can extract the last number from the item name, but for that you need to have a list item ... or import it as text.

    You would then use the combination of right and left to get the last two values and convert them to numbers.


    Then addmonths function should be able to help you ... and if it does not, then you can always convert the 1-18 values into nr of days by multiplying by 30/31.


    That way, you would be able to get the dates changing based on the name of the item.


    Search for conversion between data types on Anapedia as that will be helpful in terms how to approach this.

    It is doable, but a few steps are required.


    Hope that helps.


  • Hi,


    what I actually ended up doing is using a CAL module which had the line items month 1-18 and did a sum off the start date, and used the POST function depending on what month it was.


    I then added them all into a "Total" line item which was dimensioned by actual months and reflected all of the data entered below, and also changed if the start date changed.