Data not matching


This is the desired output 


 the image below is one i got after completing inv01 inventory ordering 


 i have error in 

1. Ending inventory data for week3 and week 4 

2. Shipping cost 

3. Final shipping cost

4. Shipping cost variance

Please help me 



  • @Brj73 

    You're doing great. INV01 is the hardest module you'll ever build. I noticed a few things here. Without seeing your formulas / DCA drivers it will be difficult to say for sure where the breakdown is, so lets start with what we can see. For sure your Shipping Method override is not working. Most likely because you don't have the right DCA driver on it. Adjust the driver so the override line item shows up and allows you to change it to "AIR"

  • Brj73
    I have not applied DCA right now because it after this lesson i got stuck here so not moved to another Lesson of applying DCA
  • Brj73



     this are the formula i applied