Anaplan Live! Recap for model builders and technical teams

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Now that a couple of months have passed since Anaplan Live! in San Jose, I have finally had a chance to reflect and think back on some of my favorite topics that were covered in the Platform track.

I enjoyed the new and rekindled connections I made at the event, but if you're anything like me, you didn't have time to attend all the sessions you wanted to. That's why I'm very thankful that the majority of the Anaplan Live! sessions were recorded and published to the event site.

As a Master Anaplanner and general Anaplan platform nerd, it was very exciting to see so many platform-related sessions at Anaplan Live! this year. While I wouldn't hesitate to recommend every single platform track session to you, I'll highlight a handful of my favorites below. The sessions are all between 35-60 minutes and they make an excellent watch during a lunch break!

1. Take control of your plans with the Anaplan UX 

In this session, @R_Goza@annejulie, and @Stephen give an entertaining and insightful walkthrough of recently released and some not-so-recently released features in the Anaplan UX (also recapped in a blog post here). Following that, the COE team from DaVita discusses their transition from Anaplan's Classic UI to the new UX. This was the final session of Anaplan Live! but was certainly a great closer!

2. Next level unlocked! Powerful modeling experiences delivered within a single unified platform 

I like this session because it focuses on modeling in Anaplan, touching on the new modeling experience and upcoming Polaris engine. The product leads from Anaplan present the modeling roadmap, and then guest speakers from Nubank, LinkedIn, and Bayer Ag bring the customer perspective to the table as well.

3. From zero to 100: Using intuitive workflows and high-impact solutions 

Product lead @PooyaT discusses general concepts around workflow and then links it together with the direction for the Anaplan platform. Pooya has such a wealth of knowledge on the topic that this is probably even worth watching a couple times over! Plus, there are some great customer-side insights from nVidia’s COE lead.

4. The future of the autonomous enterprise: Plan, analyze, and act through continuous innovation 

For my final recommendation, we have the strategic platform direction — Plan, Analyze, Act — presented by two heavy-hitters: Chief Product Officer, Rohit Shrivastava, and VP of Product Marketing, Nitesh Arora. Nobody knows our product direction better than these two!

Whether you were able to attend Anaplan Live! or not, if you're a model builder or in any technical Anaplan role, I think you'll enjoy the above sessions! 

Leave a comment if you have questions about any of the Platform tracks!