Upgrade Model search to ignore apostrophes (' or ’)


As a model builder i want to be able to search quickly through the entities of my model.

Frequently I have to examine formulas which most of the time have references from the other line items and modules which have special symbols in naming (i.e. a dot (.) in module named '8.15 Transport tariffs options (Month)') So if I copy and paste this name in Model search - this will not work as i have to get rid of apostrophes.

Here me trying to search '8.15 Transport tariffs options (Month)'  as it's given in formula:




This is if i remove apostrophes (') from the search as it's written in the name:




Search engine conditions are too strict and need to be adjusted in order of flexibility.

In the other hand I can type "815" (no spaces) and Model search will find me all possible matches:



Seems like there are some syntax search rules applied to the engine with blocks the search if I enter apostrophes.


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