Level 2 Sprint 3 Add DCA to INV01 Inventory Ordering

Almost completed the work Just confused regarding my work plz suggest if I am wrong

1. Should I use "Submit Purchase Order Request" line item as formula in AD02 Inventory Ordering for  Overrides "Submit Purchase Order - Write? "


2. Should I use line item "Submit Purchase Order - Write? " from AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides  as write access driver in "Submit Purchase Order Request" line item INV01 Inventory Ordering.

attached file ,plz suggest if I have done anything wrong


  • Hello @RAJAT786 ,


    You need to follow the flow of the process. understanding what needs to be written and what is meant to be only read.


    1. Submit Order
    2. Once Submitted, you need to allow the user to write the boolean to Override the order Amount ('AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides'.'Submit Purchase Order - Write?')
    3. If they want to Override the amount, and tick the boolean, then you need to allow them to write a number ('AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides'.'Override Amount - Write?')
    4. When the order is submitted, the end user is meant ot read the information regarding shipping, method, time weeks, costs ('INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Submit Purchase Order Request?).
    5. Does the user want to override the Shipping Method? ('AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides'.'Submit Purchase Order - Write?')
    6. Does the user want to modify the Method? ('AD02 Inventory Ordering Overrides'.'Override Shipping - Write?')
    7. Finally just show the data of all these numbers. Final method, time weeks ... ('INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Submit Purchase Order Request?)

    Hope that helped!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @ BrunoRodriguez That's great man. Finally got everything right