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I have a scheduled import into a history module with a snapshot of data, every Friday at 2:00am.
This all works.
However, sometimes we need to take the snapshot manually earlier in the week, and if this has happened i dont'  want to allow an import on Friday.
As the import is using anaplan connect and runs every Friday regardless, has anyone got a fix to stop it actually importing data over the top of a live snapshot. 
It imports 5 line items.
I could add 5 more line tiems and push the manual snaphot in there and then use IF to say if there is a manual snapshot then use that data, and then that would need 5 more line items for the result.
This means 10 more line items and 20 million cells, and that just makes my eye twitch.

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  • rob_marshall



    What about putting in a filter (boolean) to check for the line items?  This way, the Friday snapshot will still run, but it would not load any data unless that boolean is on?  I would think it could work this way:

    • create a line item named Load to Snapshot? which is a boolean
    • in the manual load, you would have an action that turns this off as the last action
    • in the cloudworks process
      • first, you would check to see if this is on or off...If turned off (False), then the process would run, but the action would have no members in it.
      • As the last action within this process, create an action that turns it to true so it would be ready for the next run (Friday).



  • Sounds like i need to use a cloudworks process then.
    Currently its a simple batch file that runs an import process, scheduled in windows scheduler.

    I will take a look


  • Is there an extra cost to using Cloudworks do i need Amazon C3, or similar? We have not used it yet (just too busy)
  • @DeveloperCYT 


    You don't "need" CloudWorks, I thought I had read you used it for the OnDemand piece.  On the OnDemand process, you just need to to have an action that flips the filer line item to False so the scheduled piece from Anaplan Connect doesn't import data.

  • OK, i think i have it, the boolean would be in the source data and then the view would filter on that, hence the view would be empty, and import nothing

    Finally, its been a very very long day