Bar graph is showing data for June-22 in all months. How can I fix this?


I have a bar graph on my UX page showing headcount per month, but the chart shows the same data for all months when I've only loaded data for June 2022. I would like to see all other months show 0 until I load additional data for these months. Are there steps to fix this?


The data I've loaded does have a month identifier and I have a time settings module, but wondering if it's possible there is a step I missed somewhere to make this connection that the data I uploaded is for June 2022. I've attached pictures of the chart, the card configuration, and the module feeding into the chart.


I would also like to add drop downs to the chart so users can show visuals for segments of the total headcount (i.e. team, subteam, etc) if anyone has any tips for this as well.


  • I don't see anything specifically wrong with your configuration, but this will be hard to troubleshoot without seeing how you have the data source configured in the UX.


    Some questions and considerations:

    1. Which line item is displayed in the chart?
    2. Look at the associated data in the grid; is it the same data for all months?
    3. In your screenshot, it looks like the context is set to the top level in the list. It may be possible you're looking at a summarized view of the data.
  • Hi @ryan_kohn, thanks for your help. Answers to your questions:

    1. I have the FTE line item displayed in the chart. The formula for this line item is set to 1 so that it counts 1 employee for each line in the data upload and this sums up the total number of employees for the chart each month. So far I have only loaded the June data, which was used to design the model.

    2. Yes, the data is the same for each month in the grid. I would expect this to only show data for June because that's the only month I've uploaded data for. Is it possible I made a mistake here and the data isn't actually linked to June, but all months instead?

    3. It is set to all employees because I want it to count every employee for this data upload. The drop down shows all of the employee IDs, but if I were to just select one that wouldn't show the total number of employees in the month.

  • The issue is with your formula. Since your formula is just "1", it will have a value of 1 for all dimensional intersections, including across all months. You will need to adjust your formula so that it only returns a value of 1 for when the employee was actually active and/or only if they are present in the data load (depending what you need to show).


    There are numerous ways you could accomplish this, but it will depend on the structure of your data and rest of your model. You can search the Community forums for some options, or there is an example of calculating the Active employee headcount in Anaplan's Level 1 Model Building training course.


    By the way, I think it would be helpful for you to read through the article Best Practices for Module Design. By splitting out your imported data into a Data module and including common calculations in an associated System module, you can focus on building a UX view specific to your needs in an Output module. It will be easier to trace the logic and separate calculations from imported data.