TR02 Account Details Final Account Sales mismatch check on the build


Hi guys i don't know where did I do wrong its mismatch on the 2nd pic below on the check build  anyone give me some tips where did I do wrong thank you 






  • Hello @jehular ,


    Based on your formula, it is because of IF Held or Revised = 0 THEN Initial Account sales Target * TAR03. That's where you are getting your values. May I request for you to check the values on your TAR03 or if you can share it here so we can check it?




  • Here's my value on my TAR03, Thank you 



  • Hello @jehular ,


    You will need to add this to your formula  IF Held or Revised = 0 THEN Initial Account sales Target * TAR03 Country Account calculation.Factor[LOOKUP: Country]


    TIP: if two modules have different dimensions, you need to find a connection to aggregate between these two which in this case is Country. Let me know if it's working as intended now.


    Best regards,


  • Thank you it is working now