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Hello, I have a module that contains a bunch of servers, and for each server there is an asset tag. The asset tags are in sequential order. I was wondering if it was possible to display the year for each server based on a range of the asset tags. For example, for a given sever, I would like it to display FY17 if its asset tag number is in between 40,000 and 50,000. The ranges should change for each year. My model accounts for FY07-FY23. 


  • I've mocked up an example below of how to accomplish this by following some of the techniques in the micro-lesson for Working with Ranges, Tiers, or Bands in Anaplan (approx 5 min lesson). Kudos to @Misbah for pointing me in the right direction!



    • Servers. The list you would use that contains the servers that maps to your data source.
    • Asset Tag Ranges. This list will be an Anaplan-specific list for you to maintain the range values for each fiscal year.


    First, you should have your Server data coming from an upstream system. I have stored a subset of this in a Data module.




    Next, I have created a System module of Asset Tag Ranges and associated attributes. In this module, I have defined a range of asset tag numbers using a start value and end value. I leverage this downstream to determine if an asset tag falls into the range. This approach is flexible enough for you to be able to add new ranges in the future. Note that the top-level is important on this list in order to support the downstream calculations.





    The "meat" of the approach is the Calculation module that maps each server's asset tag number into the correct range.



    I have then mapped the Boolean value into an actual Asset Tag Range list item so that I can do other calculations based on the result. Note that I have my Summary turned on in this case.







    Finally, in my Output module, I am getting the top-level result of the mapping calculation and then looking up the associated Fiscal Year from the attributes module.









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    Brilliant! That's exactly how it is supposed to be done!


    However I am not sure if it is to be considered as Effective dating. This is typical use case of Working with Tiers and Ranges. As far Effective dating concept goes, that is to make sure that we retain historical data at its original parent when the list item moves from one parent to another (like Employee transfer, territory movements etc)



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  • @Misbah You are absolutely correct re Effective Dating re Tiers/Bands/Ranges. I'm going to update my post to refer to that microlesson instead!