Not able to sync the tables (main table and the subsidiary view)


Hello All,


I have an issue where in there is table 1 with below structure:

List (category list)Line item1 Line item 2Difference


And there is a table 2, which is a Subsidiary view created based on a source module that is used bring the count/ values in table 1. The purpose of table 2 is to display all the information linked to each category , i.e is when I click on A1 I am able to drill down / get relevant information associated with Category A1, like wise for other category as well. But when I click on "TOTAL" row, the table 2 becomes blank with no drill down information where as I want to see the contrary.


Can someone please let me know what I am missing?


I can provide more information if required.




    Yes, more info is required. We need to see what is the dimensionality of the subsidiary view. Also show us what is the summary of the line items.

    If possible, take a screenshot of the grids on the dashboard as well.