Missing line item in the formula below.


 The problem I get after  I insert the formula is the its tell me formula is invalid because the line items is missing and i attach the instruction of what I was trying to accomplish.

error formula to filter..JPGSYS13 Account SKU Filter Module.JPG


  • Hey @erijustine ,


    Can you post a screenshot of DAT03 Historic Volumes? I suspect there's a typo somewhere either in your line item or formula- these kinds of mismatches typically result in that error. 

  • @erijustine 


    As @JGerloff93 mentioned there is probably a typo somewhere. 


    I'm guessing you typed in the module and line item name in your formula vs. going to the module and clicking on the line item?  When you are writing the formula you can go to the module and click on the line item instead of manually typing it.  Going to the module and clicking on the line item will add it to your formula exactly as it's spelled so you shouldn't get the error that the line item isn't recognized.  

  • @erijustine 


    Difficult to understand without the formula you are using, clue is you need a time aggregation function TIMESUM 


    Please explore Anapedia here.


    eg Timesum() 


    A suitable parameter(reference) is required and a comparison to numbers, so the Booleans are only ticked if data exists in the other module being referenced.


    Thank you