L2-Sprint 2, DEM03 module



In L2-Sprint 2, DEM03 module we created few line items and applied some formulaes, after applying formulaes the data is populated for only FY2020 since we have only 2019 actual data we pulled the data from 2019 to 2020 by applying OFFSET function. In DEM03 module, for Baseline forecast line item we applied a formulae 'DAT03 Historic Volumes'.'Offset Volumes for 1st Forecast Year' after applying only FY2020 data is populated FY2021 is not populated. In this case how to update the data or how to calculate the data FY2021. 
Can anyone help me out.



  • @Saivamshi You are close to the approach but think you may need help of the system modules where you can highlight the 1st year forecast and bring values from DAT03 which you are referencing now but with IF condition you can use LAG function based on the default forecast which should populate your 2021 data

  • Aini

    I couldn't see forecast volume data for FY2021 too? Anyone can guide on this?

  • Hi @Saivamshi ,

    As per your screenshot I can see you are only giving 1st forecast year data.

    Actually write a formula in a such way that if it is forecast year then your formula else you have to give 52 weeks backdata using offset condition.

    hope this helps.