Sequence of Production Schedule based on Priority and Line capacity


We would like to seek assistance on how we can build a requirement where Anaplan needs to recommend the sequence and volume of products to produce in a line with consideration of line capacity and priority.



Line 1 Capacity = 100,000

Products produced in Line 1   Priority                    Weekly Volume

Product A                                        1                           10,000

Product B                                        2                           40,000

Product C                                        3                           20,000

Product D                                        4                           50,000

Product E                                        5                           30,000

Expected Output

Line 1                                 Day 1                   Day 2

Product A                         10,000

Product B                          40,000

Product C                          20,000

Product D                         30,000                 20,000

Product E                                                      30,000


Is there a way to do this?


Thank you!


  • While I don't have a direct answer, I'd suggest at least taking a look at the Supply Planning app on the App Hub and seeing if there is anything useful in there to give you insight on how to solve this problem for your organization.

  • @rlgarcia06 

    This looks like a case for iteration which I would suggest disconnecting from the calendar first. In that case you'll need a separate list for the number of times you want to iterate so you can then POST forward the residual manufacturing that's needed. Since you already have the products prioritized (ranked) you can use the iteration list to decide what day and what portion you'll be needing. 

    Here's a link to a similar use case where the pricing is tiered. Anaplan, or the planner, calculates the discount level and the lift factor and Anaplan returns the needed price. In your case, you'll need Anaplan to return the day and the volume to calculate.

    Here's a video showing the build.