Statistical Forecasting Discount Factor


Greetings! One of the models in use by my company is the statistical forecasting model, whereby material history comes in through a calculations module and the material is assigned a forecasting method based on the data there. Leadership has requested a change to how the history is weighted that they have referred to as the Discount Factor. I am having issues figuring out if this already exists in the model as built by Anaplan. Is anyone using the Anaplan Statistical Forecasting model and able to point me in the right direction if this already exists, or is this something we'll have to build out?


  • @cjohnson 

    I don't have a copy of this app but one way you can easily find this discount factor, or add your own, is to reverse engineer. Start with the forecast and follow the formula backwards. You can use the "drilldown" feature in Classic (not UX) to follow the formulas and it will essentially trace the DAG for you, even show you the values it's using to calculate the formula.