Finding text substring in a List

Hello All,


I have a requirement where my end users are doing some manual text based tagging(excel screenshot below).



Within Anaplan, I maintained this mapping as a list with the tagged value as a property. I tried using FIND/FINDITEM of the substring within the Memo TL text line item, but in vain. 



Can someone help me with a way to get this done?


  • Hey @richbhar - as with most things in Anaplan, there are plenty of ways to do this. I've done just one way using a subsidiary view and "FIRST NON-BLANK" summary setting. I hope it at least helps you get further towards a solution that works for you. 


    Data View: 


    Blueprint View:



    Step 1: IF FIND(NAME(ITEM(Vendor Tagging)), Text, 0) > 0 AND FIND("VSP", Text, 0) = 0 THEN ITEM(Vendor Tagging) ELSE BLANK

    Step 2: 'List Member Find (step 1)'


    Pros: pretty easy and sustainable, will search for other Vendor Tags as you expand the list.

    Cons: subsidiary view


    Let me know if you have any further questions on how this is working.