Movingsum function



I am not getting last 2 line of this table .how it is done 


  • @Brj73 

    by default the MOVINGSUM will, SUM on numeric values. But you can change that assumption by adding the parameter at the end of the function as Average, MAX, or MIN. For Boolean values the default is "ANY" and for text it is "FIRSTNONBLANK". This makes the MOVINGSUM one of the most versatile Anaplan functions out there and is perfect for obtaining a certain time range of data vs. using TIMESUM. TIMESUM should really only be used when the TARGET module is not using the time dimension.


  • Brj73
    But what is the logic for last line how that values are there explain me that logic
  • Sure @Brj73 

    Here's an example. Notice what Anaplan is doing in the last formula, similar to the one you're interested in. The formula is MOVINGSUM(Sales, -3, 0, MIN). Let's break that down:

    • Take the "Sales" line item 
    • The -3 says to Anaplan go back 3 periods. Notice this can be dynamically set. here it is hardcoded as a -3 but you could put a line item there instead.
    • The 0 means If you have to go back to where there's no period then ignore it and only go back as far as you can. Do not include the current period
    • "MIN" means of the three periods you are evaluating, take the lowest value, or the MIN.