Invoice amount multiplied by six


Hello Team,

1. We have a model where all the invoice amount is multiplied by six after the latest data is uploaded. 

2. Also, I am not sure where the source data is coming from, which I need help with as well.

3. Middle of all this our administrator left as well, so any help link, tips, or material will be appreciated. 


Any suggestions are welcome and helpful. 


  • @abhishah 

    Could be related to a number of things. I would start with the input file. If you have multiple records with the same ID, Anaplan will sum them together. Take one invoice and filter your input file. How many records are there for the same invoice? If it's six, you have your answer. If not, come back here and we'll try some other ideas.

  • Hello,

    I am not sure of the input file because I think the administrator downloaded it from the server on the local computer and uploaded it. I cannot tell. But here is the screenshot of History, can I restore or what will be my other option?



  • One more thing to add, if you noticed in the Screenshot bulk data upload is multiple times during that short span as well.

  • 1. Prior to uploading the data in to the invoice module I am assuming you are populating a list first. If you are, advise what the mapping for the code is?

    2. Advise what keys are being used to populate the invoice module