Previous quarter values


I have the following line items- A,B,C. I need to create a new line item D which should take previous quarter values if C=0. PFA screenshot. 


  • @tampara.dora 

    Since the module is set at quarter, you can use the PREVIOUS function.

    If C<>0 then C else PREVIOUS(C)

    Make sure you set the first condition as the most likely. If C is most likely not zero then that should be first like the above example.

  • If I give PREVIOUS(C) it takes Q4FY22 value in Q1FY23. What I want is match Q1FY22 to Q1 FY23, Q2FY22 to Q2FY23 and so on.
  • @tampara.dora 

    Aha! a year to year approach. Love it.

    In that case use OFFSET. Go back 4 periods.

  • Thank you!! That worked. But there is one other issue. I also want the same Q1FY22 values for Q1FY23, Q1FY24, Q1FY25
    Q2FY22 values for Q2FY23,Q2FY24, Q2FY24, Q2FY25
    Q3FY22 values for Q3FY23,Q3FY24, Q3FY24, Q3FY25
    Q4FY22 values for Q4FY23,Q4FY24, Q4FY24, Q4FY25