Distribution Center Summary UX Page


in Learning Activity Sprint 3, we asked to make a Distribution Center Summary UX Page and when I take the exam, there's a question that I wont be able to answer cause it doesn't match the values on the first grid of Distribution Center Summary UX Page that I've made.


The Exam Question

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Here is the screenshot of the UX Page



and here are the blueprint of the source modules of the grids

Blueprint of the first grid



Blueprint of the second grid




is there anything wrong with the formula or the summary method or anything else? please answer me ASAP, I have been very late to pass my level 2 😞







  • @NadiaSafarah 

    As i can see your stock exception formula, You only did sum by the distribution center. 

    You need to sum by both distribution center as well as sum product.


  • Hi @jagadishdash! thank you for replying to this question, I've summed the stock exception this way



    but apparently it doesn't work since the values doesn't appear at all in the UX Page



    What do you think about the summary method that I choose?