Create Shipping Export Module and Create a Saved View


In Level 2 Model Building : Conclusion, there's an 'Activity: Prepare Data Exports' that tell us to Create Shipping Export Module and Create a Saved View. I've made the formula and choose the format and summary method but I'm not sure if it was right.


Here is the blueprint of my INV05



And here is the screenshot of the learning that asked me to not use the formule for the code and make a saved view

NadiaSafarah_1-1661580723632.pngI don't know how to show the code in the line item without using formula and I don't know which summary method to use to make the saved view. Can you tell me how to do it all? and what do you think of my subsidiary and all of the formula that I use? please reply to this ASAP :(( I've been so late to pass my level 2.




  • @NadiaSafarah 

    For INV05 Shipping cost: this will be the formula .


    The best practice is use formula(Calculate) once and reference many time. Don't put code(item(G3 location)).

    Code will be referred from sys location module directly.(Refer the screen shot)



    This will be the saved view for export. Refer the screenshot and if any clarification need let me know.






  • thank you again for replying for my question! done it 😄

  • Honestly it's not just you. I was completely confused as to what they were asking me to do. The way it was phrased I thought they were saying I should be recreating  each code unless that specific code was elsewhere, which sent me into a whole tangential loop of "do I have all the codes I need, yes, so why are they saying this?"

  • @jadefortunato  Yes, it's little confusing. But they mentioned clearly don't create if already exist. Anyway you got it! That's great.


    If it's helpful for you, Accept the answer as solution.


  • It’s already been accepted; I was just chiming in for moral support.

  • @jagadishdash 


    I am attaching my screenshots and let me know about the formulas and I need help regarding the saved view2022-11-02 (1).png2022-11-02.png