How to prepare for the change to the default Modeling Experience - FAQs

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What is happening?

The New Modeling Experience will become the default experience in February 2023. It is replacing the Classic Modeling Interface but not eliminating Classic Dashboards or forcing you to use the UX Apps and Pages.    

What does that mean?

Simply, the modeling interface is getting an update to the look and feel along with some new features and functionalities.

Is the new Modeling Experience the same thing as the new User Experience?

No, the model experience refers to everything you access via Models from the home screen, things like Classic Dashboards, and the model building functionalities. The User Experience, on the other hand, is the Apps and Pages opened via Home.

Will this impact my users if we use only the UX apps and pages?

No, nothing is changing for your users in that scenario. The model builders will still see a new model building interface, but nothing will change for the end users if they only access Apps and Pages. 

Who does this apply to?

All model builders or any user still relying on Classic Dashboards will have the new Modeling Experience become their default experience in November.

Will Classic Dashboards be going away?

No, you will still access your classic dashboards the way you always have. For dashboards, the primary change is that the interface will get an updated look that closely matches the User Experience. 

Wait, does that mean that my dashboards will now be UX pages?

Nope, your existing dashboards aren’t changing and will still be available within your models.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. You don’t have to rebuild anything or change how you access your models. You may want to take a few moments to learn more about the new features available only in the new Model Experience.

  1. Content available for model builders
    1. Read the [Start Here] Modeling Experience article
    2. Check out Anapedia
    3. Review the summary post in Platform Releases
    4. Watch this video walkthrough
  2. Content available for users
    1. Share this article: Get to know the model experience as an end-user
    2. Share the PDF that is available in the above article

What if my team or I do not want to use the new Model Experience?

You can simply revert (1) to the Classic Experience using the available link on the navigation bar or by using the help menu option.

What should I do to prepare?

The best thing to do is to try it out now to become familiar with the updated interface, icons, and navigation. While it is mostly the same, a few subtle changes may take some time to learn and feel natural to you. And, you will likely find some cool enhancements that you can take advantage of now before the default switchover. 

You can also help your users (again, only those still using the Classic Dashboards) prepare by making sure they are aware of the expected change to the look and feel of the interface and the slight differences they encounter. Some recommendations include an email blast to your user community or hosting a quick information session to show them the before and after.


  1. New customers onboarded after the default switchover will not have the option to use the Classic Model Building Interface.



Contributing author Anne-Julie Balsamo.



  • Great to see the New Model Experience, When will be the New Model Experience become default Model Experience? Its mentioned in FEB 2023

    I would like to know if there is any specific date in FEB 2023?


  • I have built about 180 dashboards in the "Classic" interface and they are all designed to fit into our standard screen resolutions. I cannot see any value in the "new experience", it just shifts everything to the right and removes usable space. Why is Anaplan spending money on doing this? Have you checked that the users actually want it?

  • Stephen
    edited September 2023

    Here are side by side screenshots of the current modeling experience and the classic experience. I do not experience a meaningful different in usable space.

    Benefits of the modeling experience are numerous. Here is a good place to start with that:

    Personally, enhanced object search, the formula editor, and the UX page tab are the most valuable parts for my model building.