Show / Hide Categories in NUX App based on user role


In my experience most Anaplan implementations focus around a main app where the most users do their work, and most roles are likely only focused on a handful of pages.  But as-is they will be faced with the full list of categories of in their dropdown, even if they can't go there or do anything.  


I think it would be a major win (for users and model builders) if there was the ability show / hide app categories (and all contained pages) based on a user's role in the model.  Here are a few visual examples of how I think this should work:


Role Based Categories.png




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  • Hi,

    So the plans for this is to hide categories for end users who don't have any access to those pages in them, this will be applied both in the bulk of the page and in the breadcrumbs navigation. So as opposed to hiding categories at mass to groups of users, the categories will be hidden based on individual access. 

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