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It would be helpful for Anaplan to add the ability to collapse a card if the card is not relevant to the page based on user choices. For example, on a dashboard, there is a top card that contains GL accounts. In that card, the user selects one of two planning methods for the GL account. If they select "Manual" the first 3 cards below are relevant to their analysis, if they select "Project" the last three cards are relevant to their analysis. The client wants to see all GLs on one page since the planner will have accounts that fall into each bucket. If there was a filter on the card itself, that allowed you to apply a boolean to show or not show, you could hide the irrelevant cards for that particular GL. It would require that the card disappear and would of course require that the page builder consider this in their design, but they could set a whole row of cards to disappear, so the aesthetics of the page was maintained.

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  • I would like to add that I originally used liss to collapse the cards but the time still showed and the client said it looked like the card wasn't working and was confusing. This was determined to not be an acceptable workaround.

  • I posted about this 2 years ago 😔  It would be such a good addition and save SO MUCH space from an end user perspective when needed.

  • andyptsn
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    Are there any updates on this?

    The rendering logic/functionality already available for Driver Line Items on Action buttons could practically be copy/pasted and applied to toggle card visibility - and when all cards in a page row are flagged as hidden, hide said row.

    Our specific use case for this is to show error call-outs more effectively throughout pages for users, without cluttering pages when the errors don't need to be shown. There's many other applications for this, however - for example, showing different property input grids depending on the selected context, hiding different report grids based on user filters, etc.. Would allow pages to feel more dynamic, instead of requiring functionality to be split across multiple pages to avoid confusion.

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