Anaplan Model Builders and Drummers


In Anaplan model building, we have to make sure that the four cornerstones (model, data, business process, and deployment) during every phase are addressed. All of them are equally crucial for the success of the project. I think that, in a way, model building is like drum playing. As drummers are able to move both arms and legs at the same time and yet can manage all of their limbs independently, we have to consider the four aspects of the connected planning at the same time, yet manage each one of them independently.

We have to think about all four simultaneously: model, data, process, and deployment. Although they take up different amounts of time in the model building process, ignoring any of them during any phase of the Anaplan implementation will result in going back and restructuring the entire solution again. Measure twice, cut once.

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  • @karabela 

    Great analogy.


    I would add the drums are the underlying foundation of many great compositions; maintains the tempo, provides emphasis during critical passages, and utilizes various rhythms to underscore the emotional component. What planning solution is open and flexible enough to permit various interpretations of the use case, or in our analogy, allow for different drummers to bring their musical creativity to bear but provide equally effective and sustainable solutions? 



    In that regard, the lead singer, perhaps the customer, in this analogy, would benefit greatly from a talented drummer. And, if I may be so presumptuous, the base player, though equally important to the musical number, provides yet another foundation, and in my vision of this, the data integration as part of the cornerstones. As engineers love to say, "ours is not to question why, just inverse, and multiply."

  • Thank you @JaredDolich. The lead singer (customer) and the base player (data integration person) are an important contribution to this discussion. As @JaredDolich suggests, every drummer should work with the bass player to support the lead singer if they want their band to be successful. Bass and drum jam sessions will show you exactly where your drumming (model building) is currently at before presenting to the lead singer.