Time Filter - Quarters and Year only (not half year)


Hi, I would like to only show quarters and the full year value (not half year values) for the current year. How do you create a time filter to only tick the quarters and year in the current year but not the half years.  Thanks.


  • FIRST, in the model calendar time setting only select the quarter total not the half year.


    Create time select module Boolean line item where you can select the time as shown below.



    create another Time module where, you need to write the formula line item as shown below. so that when it will be select then the line item Boolean will get tick.



    if any clarifications or problem you are facing let me know.



  • Thanks @jagadishdash 

    I ended up doing it a different way but your solution gave me the idea. I created a seperate line item to identify the quarter and year only in my original line item.

  • It's my pleasure @kristenr 

    Yes, there's a number of approach to solve this problem but the method will be approximately similar to each other.