Searching special character using "FIND"


Hi All,


Just want to clarify if I can use FIND function to identify a special character.

So I want to check if the string contain "@" ; the logic I am applying is:


Line item 2 = FIND("", Line item1, 1) 

But it is not giving me the result. But works fine when I am setting the formula without "@".


Line item 2 = FIND("", Line item1, 1) - this is working fine.


So I want to know that FIND does not identify the special characters is it?

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  • alexpavel
    Options  Thanks for sharing...

    I did not know, but indeed, if the text line-item is formatted as E-mail, and you have a different Display text associated, the FIND function try to search text in the "Display text" part and not the e-mail value:




    Hope it helps




  • Your Approach and formula is correct and  will working fine as you mentioned. 

    And FIND can give the result for special character as well'



    My display text is " Selected" 


    Hope you got it.





  • I did not encounter any issues with @ character using FIND function. 

    The function FIND can find special characters like @.  


    Can you give more explanations of what is in your case the expectation?






    Hello  @alexpavel and @jagadishdash thank you for the reply. It is working fine for you both.


    I shall check again from my end and get back.

  • Hi @alexpavel and @jagadishdash,


    I have checked on the format of Line item1 where I am finding the character. I noticed that I had selected text type as Email ID. I switched to text type to General. Post this change the FIND function is working properly.


    Thank you!

  • @alexpavel Sure noted! 

    Had kept the "Display text" part blank and had entered only the Email ID.

    Hence it was not able to Find. Understood the error committed.