Enable "Show/Hide" for context selectors in the Custom View Editor window


When using a custom view, limiting the selections for a dimension that is set as a context selector a user must exit the custom view editor make that change from the Board Designer screen. It would be a page builder / model builder workflow improvement to allow the same "show / hide" functionality for the context selectors on the custom view editor window just like it is for rows & columns


For instance, for me to limit the line items (which are a context selector) to just Line item 1 & 2, currently this can only be done from the Board Designer view (see image below)

Current method to show / hide context selectorsCurrent method to show / hide context selectors


Enable the show / hide functionality for context selectors in the custom views so all pivot items can be configured from the same place (See image below).


Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 2.18.38 PM.png




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