Level 1 Model Building exam Activity 6


I dont seem to understand what am i doing wrong in this


Please HELP!!


  • @Yash06 

    The error is Data Type Mismatch.

    The mapping criteria for SUM will be work with only List,Date or Time Period. So please check the data type of both line item Region And Role in the SYS08 Emp details module. Both line item should be list formatted.


    Check once and after that also you are facing any problem let me know with the screenshot.



  • Hi,

    Check the format of Role (since you created it last). You might have chosen text or another format when you created it. As Yash06 stated, both (role and region) should be a 'list' not text or others. It may solve your problem. 

    Good luck!

  • As @jagadishdash  stated 🙂 sorry 


  • I have the same problem. It is still not resolved.

    My Ascension

  • @Sandra859 

    Share with the screenshot where you are facing problem after referring my first reply.

    So that i can see where you are stuck and resolve your issues. 



  • Thank you @jagdishdash it solved my problem