FY Values replicating QTD Values

Hi Anaplan experts,


Maybe you can help me with my issue? I am building a module that requires to show the current quarter (CQ) as a YTD value without summing up as FY. It means that if selection is Q1 or Q2 or so forth, FY value should be whichever the month or forecast month selected. Sample ss below:



Hope you can help me.



Best Answer

  • @RyanL 

    I think I understand now. So, unfortunately, with Anaplan you cannot use the selectors from grids to change the value in a formula. You can only use them for synchronization of grids that use the same lists that is in the context selector. 

    But there's good news. You can add a line item that is in a dimensionless module (no lists) and use it as a selector. Your formula, in this case, QUARTERVALUE, will point to the new line item to determine what year to use. Another possibility is to use the current date to determine where you are in the calendar which avoids the selector alltogether.

    Hope that helps.