Demand Forecast Detailed Demand Grid UX.




I am having problem in Level 2 Sprint 2 - DEM03 Demand Forecast Module in creating a saved view as I am not getting what they are saying to do.


So can anyone please help me with the correct formula and data.Screenshot (158).pngScreenshot (159).pngScreenshot (160).png


  • @Naivedya 

    Super close! You're on the right track we just need to tweak a few things.

    The Forecast cf line item generates a "0" or a "1". You have "1" or "2" in your conditional formatting logic. So first lets change that:


    Double check your formulas too. Here's what they should look like.



  • @JaredDolich
    I am doing the changes and will then see if I face any other problem will post the query again and would require your help.
  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    I have made the changes as you have told but still I am not able to see the the same things as in the lesson given.


    Please help me regarding this and I have also attached all the necessary screenshots of the model.

    Screenshot (158).png

    Screenshot (163).png

    Screenshot (161).pngScreenshot (162).png

  • @Naivedya 

    did you override one of the weeks? the conditional formatting will only show up if there's an override.

  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    I am not able to understand what you do mean by overriding the week?


    Can you please explain in detail or if possible can we connect on mail id or any platform so that I may get better help? Please if we can connect on some online platform.


  • @Naivedya 

    Definitely confusing, I agree. Your conditional formatting formula uses the final forecast and we want to highlight it if the planner has overriden the initial forecast. The formula, IF Override? means you won't get conditional formatting unless the Boolean line item Override? is checked.