8.5.2 Activity: stuck at G3 location and P2 Products mapping


Hi, I can not get the G3 location and P2 Products to map correctly. Could you please help?



  • @tonyv 

    Mapping looks good. Make sure your Location and product list have the codes loaded. Should look like this.



  • The code is already there but I am not sure why it is not detected. I was able to do next activity 8.5.3 with the G3 location correctly mapped but not sure why 8.5.2 isScreenshot 2022-09-12 121827.png not working

  • Hi Tony,


    You need to map the Product code with P2 products and the Location code with the G3 Location.


    Please refer to my screenshot, post then you will be able to import properly.  2.png

  • Hi @tonyv 


    As i see in the mapping tab , you have mapped the product code field ( col 2 ) to location dimension and location code (col 1 ) to product dimension , 

    hence Anaplan is unable to map the items as the columns are incorreclty mapped , so just interchange the options i,e map the location code to location and product code to product , 

    then mappings will be populated ,