Translating % correct into a RANK()




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I have a module to calculate the percentage correct (e.g. 75%) and I want to be able to rank this on a scale of first to tenth place. 


Advice on how to do that? I tried using the RANK() with the module calculating the percentage correct and could not get a solid translation. 


Thanks in advance! 

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  • JaredDolich


    The RANK function is one of the coolest functions Anaplan has to offer in my opinion. However, there are a few nuances. Let's look at the function and input variables and try to figure out why you're not getting the desired result.

    RANK(Source values [, Direction] [, Equal value behavior] [, Include value] [, Ranking groups])

    • The source value will be your "percentage correct" line item
    • Direction ranks up or down, I believe you want to rank down, so use DESCENDING
    • Equal value tells Anaplan what to do if more than one person has the same percentage correct. Lots of choices here, so take a look at the Anapedia link above.
    • Include value tells Anaplan if this should be ranked so use TRUE
    • Lastly, and probably where you're challenged, you can use a ranking group. A ranking group is a way for Anaplan to RANK within a group. So if you have multiple lists, say test number and class number, you may want to rank within those two. Create a group (see Anapedia to see how) that combines these together.

    Good luck. You got this. RANK is one of the most powerful functions out there. Great that you're learning how to use it!