Management Reporting - Advanced Variance Calculations for Percentages


A current pain point I am experiencing is displaying variances in the calculations column within Management Reporting. While the addition of this feature solves some downfalls in the model for building complex variance columns with different formats, the downfall is the ability to produce an accurate variance on percentages. For example, the variance between 120% and 110% is 10% which accurate displays using the first option but it would be preferred to see this as 10 pts as well. Another option would be to get a format for bps. An example of a display that would be a good use case is attached. In addition, it would be nice to ignore percentage based variances in specific places.


For reference in the image attached. The yellow box is useful but would also like to see it in pts or bps. The red box is completely useless and would prefer to see it as NA or " - ". This only impacts the percentages. 


Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 8.56.32 AM.png


Happy to help with this if user feedback is needed or if there are other questions!



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