Forecast range in Statistical forecast APP


Hi, I want to use Statistical forecast APP.

This app presupposes forecast 1 Month?


Some Forecast method  only forecast 1 month like Winter's method.

I want to forecast 1 year.

Is there any setting to change forecast range? or I shouldn't use this method?




  • Hi @CommunityMember125605 ,


    The app has a forecast horizon of 2 years.

    If it is generating a forecast output of just 1 month, there might be a variety of factors contributing to this - History pattern, forecast override, seasonality indices etc.

    You might want to drill down to check the exact place where it is starting to show just 1 month.


    Regarding the Forecast method, you might want to let the system select the Best-fit, else you could select a suitable one depending on the history pattern and fine-tune the parameters (as it is difficult to find a one-size-fits-all algorithm).


    P.S: In the screenshot shared, it can be seen that the forecast is generated for more than 2 years (red line).


    Hope this helps!

  • I set the hold time period as 12 months.

    So we can forecast 12months.

    But next year forecast always reference previous month value.


    I confirmed that some forecast method has formula as "previous(value)" in forecast period.