NUX Column Indentation and Width for Hierarchies


Hello! I have been trying to find a solution to fix this display issue when using the lowest part of a tall hierarchy as a dimension:




We have an 8 level COA hierarchy and when using the bottom level in the NUX all line items are tabbed out so far. I can make the column smaller, but the indentation remains the same and my line items get cut off:




This creates a lot of wasted space, and limits how effectively I can display information in grids. Is there a fix or work around to get rid of the unnecessary indentations?




Best Answer

  • ShubhamCh


    Create a boolean, give the formula "TRUE", sort the view using this boolean and hide it from the view.

    It will solve all your problems.

    - No Sort icon

    - No order change

    - Nothing new on the User End