Sync only the clicked members in the insight grid in Worksheet Page NUX


Hi Everyone,


I am facing a problem in NUX worksheet page. When I click a member in the worksheet, the insight grids syncs to the immediate parent level hierarchy and shows all the siblings of the clicked member but I only want to see the clicked member only or differentiate it from its sibling after clicking (like conditional formatting or something).

Please have a look at the attached screenshots to understand it better. 




Any suggestions or ideas will be appreciated.






  • @ShubhamCh 

    Have you tried to remove parent elements from page selectors? You can do it via Edit -> Global Page Selectors -> ⚙️ (settings of a pase selector) -> Show/Hide

  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    I don't see any Global Page Selector settings in my page. It is a Worksheet page. The second grid is coming from additional insight grids and the source is a saved view.

    I tried using custom view and hiding parent levels but then the sync doesn't work completely. The bottom page stays static.

  • @ShubhamCh 

    Pivot this dimension of the grid to be as page selector. Then the sync should work

  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    Yeah making the dimension as page selector works but it also changes the view. I don't want to change the view of the lower grid because sometimes the User wants to scroll through this grid and sometimes wants to see the clicked list item only. That's the problem.

  • @ShubhamCh 

    Teach user how to pivot?

  • @KirillKuznetsov 

    Yeah that's the final option but it increases the difficulties of doing their work. Pivoting the view and pivoting it back. I have kept it as the final option. 

  • @ShubhamCh 

    You can publish the same grid two times with different pivot. Then the user just have to know what the both are for.

  • @KirillKuznetsov 


    This idea has been rejected because there are many grids already on the page. User doesn't want to have one more grid to do one task only. 

    They want click on the list item in the upper grid and then enter some values for this list item in the bottom grid but Anaplan auto-sync isn't working properly in this case. It syncs to the immediate parent and shows all children of the parent (siblings of clicked list item). That's the problem.


    - Shubham