L2 Sprint


Good day


I am working through sprint 3 at the moment and all is going well. However in activity INV01 Inventory Ordering "Check your work" I have noticed that my amounts are slightly off when compared to the screenshots. (usually by a factor of 2). Can anyone help and explain why this might be and how I may correct it?


Thanks for the help. Please see attached screenshots. 


  • @MattParkinson 

    First of all, congratulations. INV01 is the true test of the course. If you can make it through that module you'll be pleasantly surprised with the remaining coursework. 

    As for your issue, earlier we were asked to "test" week two in DEM03 which added two (2) units to the Final Forecast. So, from what I can tell you're fine. Good job!



  • Thank you for the quick response. I am happy to see that there are no serious issues.

    I appreciate it.


    Matt Parkinson