Quarter value of forecast for the Qtr in which switchover occurs

What are the alternative workarounds for this?
When getting data from a line item Forecast version for a Quarter in which switchover occurs during the quarter, the QUARTERVALUE or [Lookup: <quarter>] return a value that only includes the Actuals amount for the month before the switchover date.  (see screenshot)


  • @hendersonmj 


    Try turning switchover off for the line item.  Also, Quartervalue()  will perform better than the lookup.

  • I have faced the same issue. Can anyone help me? 

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  • I have faced the same issue. Can anyone help me?

  • Read the answer higher.

  • Hi @hendersonmj 


    Since your Switchover Month is Aug, until july it is actuals and from Aug it is rolling forecast. your total value for Quarter will be only 7 i.e, july. And if you go to Sept it will be july+Aug. so when you do lookup you will only get the Actuals quarter value. 


    you can use quartervalue for months after switchover with some if else formula. Else you can simply bring  Quartervalue formula across. Quartervalue bring the quarter total into months.