Formatting and Variance Analysis from Management Reporting on UX

- It would be amazing to format/color the grid cards on boards similar to Management Reporting. Especially if the colors on row and column headers can be controlled via hex codes similar to regular CF, it will allow end users to implement company color schemas to page. this will definitely increase user adoption and allow for smoother transition from Excel to Anaplan.


- Additionally, making variance reporting capabilities from Management Reporting available on boards and worksheets, especially when viewing large data sets on worksheets during planning process would be a huge win. It would be really helpful to display these items w/o creating additional line items and ALSO eventually allowing end users to do it on the fly.


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    Thanks for submitting, there are two requests where which have different timelines but ultimately we plan on adding the functionality for both on to Boards and Worksheets in the same way we recently added dynamic text cards to Boards and Worksheets:




    We are currently working on adding themes and summary styles to the grids on Boards and Worksheets. This will include the ability to set the colour of the grid column headers.


    Variance reporting


    As this is a relatively new feature we are still researching feedback and monitoring usage but ultimately we do plan on adding this to all our page types at some point in the future.

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