NUX Filters/Context Selectors should Match Old UX and View Functionality


If a View made up of multiple dimensions has top-level summary items selected is published to the NUX, the same functionality where the view would essentially be "locked" is incorrectly represented in the NUX. Context selectors appear and a user is able to filter on elements they shouldn't have access to in narrowed view. This can be addressed by filtering the context selectors themselves to the top level item, but there is a misalignment of this functionality between the Old UX and the New UX. 

For example: View on a line item for "Amount" with Top Level Company and Account selected represented over time is published to the NUX. A context selector for Company and Account will appear. Both will show all elements even though the top level item is selected in the original view and will allow a user to filter the view even though the top level item should essentially be "locked"

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