Insert and delete data in Anaplan


Hi Team ,


I'm trying to insert and delete data into Anaplan using below API.


Insert :



Delete :




Is it the right API to insert and delete ?

How can I get the Data's task id ? and how to ensure the insertion and deletion of data in Anaplan


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Vinoth Kumar K.

Best Answer


  • There are two main approaches to managing data in Anaplan via API.

    1. Bulk API: This requires building and design "actions" in Anaplan as a model builder, and then triggering those actions via API. Read more here:
    2. Transactional API: This allows inserting, exporting, or deleting data in Anaplan without needing to create actions in Anaplan. Read more here:


    In both cases, you will need to either understand the data and structure of the model yourself, or work with a model builder/solution architect on your team that does.


    Hope the above info helps!

  • Hi @Badam ,
    Thanks 🙂 Your solution really helped me a lot.
    I could able to upload the file and import into anaplan.

    I tried out Anaplan connect to export and import data in Bulk via JDBC connectivity.

    I get below error , Can you share me some sample scripts for Export and Import data ( JDBC )


    Vinoth Kumar K.

  • Hi @ryan_kohn 


    Thanks Ryan , I opted for Bulk API approach.

    It was very helpful and I could able to export and import data into Anaplan.

    I'm trying out Anaplan Connect with JDBC Connectivity (To import and Export Data). I face below issue. can you guide or share me some sample scripts to import and Export.




    Vinoth Kumar K.