Disagreegation logic


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I am working on a module. where I should input the L1 then it should go L2 level. if I Enter the L2 then it should distribute L3. I can use the break back .


I there any functionality available for this scenario

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  • ManjunathKN



    Anaplan is best designed for pulling the data(aggregating the data) and you will have umpteen functionalities for the same.


    but when it comes to disaggregation, i think break back is the best possible option for bringing the data for higher level to lower level.


    there are some functionalities like PROFILE, SPREAD, which is helpful while doing calculations like depreciation etc. which basically pushes the data.


  • Misbah
    Answer ✓


    You can use LOOKUP function to cascade the numbers down from L2 to L3. Note that the numbers will be flat lined across all the children of the parent


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