Cycle Shift Input Design

Hi Everyone,


I am trying to design a module for shift input. It should be working in this way. When we enter shift start time and cycle period, that start time will repeat according to cycle period until we override it.




I am struggling to design and figure out formulas? Any idea and tips are appreciated. Thank you.


  • @TahaU 

    If the time dimension is using a calendar you can use PREVIOUS. When the override occurs you'll switch to the override value.

  • @TahaU 


    This is an interesting one with repeating, but not in a standard period-over-period format. Instead I am reading this as the cycle period field is actually determining how frequently the start time should be repeated. That made the formulas a little more challenging, but here is just an idea I came up with. There may be a better solution but I didn't see a way for some of the other time/date functions to work here.


    The key here is how the cycle period is entered. For each cycle period you'd need two lines items (one for the cycle period and one for the start time). It isn't a pretty solution but that way you can use the previous function which has already been mentioned. 


    As long as there aren't too many cycle options this solution should work. You could even use a list for the cycle period to restrict the number options.