Getting data from a module with no time dimension to a module with time dimension

My source module has no time dimension but with month list, and period in line item.


My target module has a time dimension Month Period, (ex. Jan 19, Feb 19, etc)


How can I get the data from My source module?

Best Answer

  • @fssebastian 


    Lets assume you have a source module as below


    Your Target module would look something like this


    You would be required to sum the data wrt the month line item.


    Please let me know if it helps




  • If it is numeric data then using your period formatted line item you should be able to SUM the data into your target

  • Hi fssebastian,


    You need to build a reference line item at the source module to map the time dimension against the time list as per the below image:


    In your target you need to use sum as mentioned below to pull the data from source to target.



    If you need still any help, please let us know.


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    Badam Anjani Prasad

    Matasma Digital

  • It worked! Thanks a lot!