Problem aggregating values from timscale day to month


Hi all, I have problems aggregating values from a module dimensioned with day, to a module dimensioned with month. I am doing rent calculations in a module by DAY time scale. When I try to aggregate this to a monthly calc module it does not work. No values are pulled over. It is the last part of the formula below that does not work, where I sum on a line item in the other module that has the format month and time scale DAY (showing the month the day belongs to). For some reason, this sum does not work. Does anyone know the issue? 


Month line item from the daily rent module;



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  • rob_marshall



    There is an easier way than using Timesum or Movingsum()....In the module you have above, create a line item with the same sum formula, but remove the sum on days.  In the Time area where it says months, change that to Days, thus creating a subsidiary view.  And as @Misbah stated, keep the summaries on.  This will now properly aggregate to the Months.




  • @CommunityMember117741 


    SUM doesn't work when the source module is dimensioned by TIME. There are other functions like MOVINGSUM and TIMESUM that we use but in your case I think it is better to turn the summary ON for Time and Keep it NONE for other dimensions. Let time auto aggregate itself.


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  • Thank you, it worked. The only drawback is that it inflates the cell count quite drastically. However, in this model that is not a problem.