Rep Count from Start date to End date (if applicable)


Hi All,


We currently have a "Positions" module that is not time based. We show our current salaries, job titles, etc. that comes from our payroll data here. This "Positions" module also contains the Employee Start Date & the Termination Date (if applicable). I have created a line item that counts the amount of "Job Titles = Sales Reps" and need to get this into a module over a period of time. 


Is there a way I can calculate the number of sales reps each month using the start date and termination date? 


thanks in advance!


  • Hi @CamdenMaggos 


    Yes you can, you can use Period() Function to identify which month the amount belongs to, be sure that you should put a logic basis on your start data//termination date.


    then in the module that you want to bring by time use the line item of period() in source as mapping for SUM function in target module.