September 2022 releases and October sneak peek - View Modules Used In Pages


The release this month is helpful but I think it missed expectations.  What would be more helpful is to be able to see what UX pages a module is published on in the exact same way the "Used in Dashboards"  column is in the Modules.  The update would more or less be "View Pages Used in Modules".  I used the column in the Classic days and was eagerly awaiting the new update.  It's a way to quickly audit the modules and see if any old modules are being used on Pages, what modules are or are not being used, etc.


Since this does not exist in the Pages screen, being able to export the report to Excel (every page, every module) would be at least a good workaround versus a whole bunch of copy and pasting. 


Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 2.24.56 PM.png


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  • Agree - certainly a step in the right direction with the new release but could be more impactful with some redesign.  


    This is one area where classic has the advantage on new UX.  It was so incredibly handy to be able to export a view of the modules that show every dashboard where they were used - particularly when thinking about model role setup and maintenance. 

  • This is CRITICAL for knowing what limitations you may have to consider while editing modules, and knowing how to fully replace a module. That's still not possible with the current state (esp since you can't even export). You have to start at the PAGE and see the MODULES…then…screenshot or manually list them elsewhere, or hope that a manual copy-past comes out accurately. And even then, you need to manipulate in excel to see all upstream dependencies for a module. Please let us know where "Used in Pages" is on the roadmap!

  • Whoohoo! Looks like this is now available! It still would be nice to be able to export them all but hey, something is better than nothing

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